Slide Design PowerPoint

Speaker’s outline:

My father bought my mother equipment to help her chores be painless. Our father showed.

  • Love for Others
  • Hardwork
  • Example of the Pristhood

Lehi told his sons to Arise from the Dust and be Men.

  • Don’t let the world affect your attitude.
  • Live the way your father’s have taught you.

We must stay strong in the priesthood.

  • Don’t disgrace Heavenly Father.

The Family Proclamation:

  • A father’s role.
  • A mosther’s role.
  • Family is ordained of God.

Marrying the right one:

  • Women depend on you, as you depend on them.

Mistakes will happen.

  • Don’t let your mistakes hold you back.
  • Satan will tempt you.
  • No one is Perfect but Christ.

Remember the Lord:

  • Christ is the only one that will save us.
  • When we obey him, we achieve more.
  • Bare Testimony of Christ.
  • Conclude.

Process: I started this project by choosing a talk. I prayed about it, and found out that my favorite talk would be perfect for this assignment, so I chose “Let Us Be Men,” given by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I then read the talk and determined the number of slides I would have. I sketched out each slide and went to the net to find pictures appropriate for the talk and that correlated with my sketches. Then using Microsoft PowerPoint I constructed the slideshow. The color scheme chosen was monochromatic, all shades rather than colors. The audience is men in the church. The message is that as men, we need to honor the priesthood and live up to our responsibilities.


Critique: I had my project critiqued by Emmalie Wells and Sierra Armstrong through Facebook. They both had good things to say about my project, but they both suggested that I change some of the phrases used in my slides. The both felt that I could use words that related more to what the section was about. So I did that.

Link to the talk:

Fonts: Big Caslon, Modern – Capitals, Oldstyle

Links to image: Jesus, hands, FHE,  Lamen and Lemuel, Blessing, Temple, Crying, and Savior



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